Stuff I’ve worked on update…

Oooops… It’s been almost two years since my last update.

Quite a lot has gone on since then, including getting married! I’ve also expanded a bit into fashion photography, among other things, and I’ve gotten really into running… I’ll be running in the Los Angeles Marathon this coming weekend!

But for now I’ll just update with a “stuff I worked on” update. Here is a selection of things I’ve worked on over the past two years, in roughly reverse chronological order:

I was the director of photography on this commercial for M&G Jewelers. We were going for a 1940’s noir-ish kind of vibe, so we went with the requisite low-key, high-contrast lighting and some older Zeiss SuperSpeed lenses and old-school Mitchell diffusion filters on the lens to take some of that digital edge off of the Red Epic.

This was my second collaboration with director Angelina Ramsey and actress Amy Urbina. The last time we all worked together was back in 2012 on The Take, a promo for the L.A. Film School which can to this day still be seen playing continuously looped in the lobby of the school.




I worked for one day on this interesting sci-fi short film. It was a very minimal crew — I was a one man grip and electric crew. The scene I worked on starts at 1:19, and as a one-man crew I worked under the direction of DP Eric Gustavo Peterson to do all of the lighting and rigging work, including the overhead camera rig looking down on the desk, and (spoiler alert) FPS video game style gun POV rig. I was filling in for my good friend Dwight Stone who did a fantastic job as the one-man G&E crew on the rest of this film.



I worked for a couple days as a grip on this music video for K-pop group B1A4, my first time ever working on a Korean production. It was quite a fun and interesting time watching the department heads and talent from Korea try to communicate with the American crew!



I was a grip on this Hallmark spot.



And I was also a grip on this music video.



For six straight nights of all-night shoots, I worked as a grip on Helio, an ambitious sci-fi short film that was in post production for nearly two years and is just now hitting the festival circuit. Despite the long, grueling night schedule, this was one of the most fun projects I’ve ever had the pleasure of working on and I’m quite happy that it looks so great!


Well, that’s all for now. This isn’t everything I’ve worked on but it is some of the more interesting stuff that I have YouTube/Vimeo links for (I also produced and shot another short film but we have no trailer or anything for it, haha).

Hopefully I’ll be better about updating this website going forward!

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