Stuff I’ve Worked On Update

Ooops… it’s been exactly another year since the last time I’ve done the stuff I’ve worked on update… or posted anything else on this website. I really need to be better about this haha. A lot more stuff has happened in the past year, including… yes… we are expecting out first child very soon!!

Anyway, here’s some stuff I’ve worked on:

The most recent project I worked on as cinematographer was this spot for Bedford 11th. I worked with David Ortiz who produced and directed the spot showing off some very nice bags. And yeah, that’s Robert Palmer Watkins of General Hospital fame you see in there making me feel very un-tall and un-handsome, haha.


I worked for all of one day, just day playing on the grip crew on this… A Marlon Wayans spoof movie… my life is now complete.


I worked a few days on the grip crew on this spot for San Diego Christian College… shot mostly in Downtown Los Angeles, of course.


I also worked on the grip crew on this spot for Experian. My first time working with this kind of puppetry was very educational and I have a new respect for this kind of work — there were 3 people all piled up on top of each other hiding behind the couch to control the various parts of the meerkat puppet.


The Meerkat gig eventually led to me working with some of the same people on a few episodes of The Grand Slams, particularly the Oktoberfest, Christmas and Fantastic 4 themed episodes.


And the Denny’s stuff ended up leading to me working as key grip on this Chex commercial — my first ever experience in the world of stop motion photography. Again, very educational. The stop motion community seems to be a whole other world unto itself. We set up two identical sets so that two animators could work at the same time on different scenes. I even got to be the one to click the shutter while shooting the pie cutting bit!


Back in the live action world, I was the key grip on this music video. Yes, Kiefer Sutherland writes music…


And finally for this update, I was the cinematographer on this music video for Lenier Davis, also produced and directed by David Ortiz with choreography by Bliss Ultraomni. It was a total no-budget labor of love, but in the end, we got the job done.

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