I’m a grip and cinematographer based in Los Angeles.

I have 9 years of continuing professional experience as a gaffer, key grip, best boy grip and dolly grip on low budget features, commercials and music videos, under some of the most talented cinematographers in the industry. I am now ready to shamelessly steal all of their lighting and camera techniques for the benefit of your project.

Check out my cinematography reel and credits!

Check out some of the rigs I’ve worked on as a grip!

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Part 3 – Seven Days

IMG_20160428_183157It has been seven days since Sasha was born. She is still alive and breathing, and I count that as a success. Though some challenges are different from what I expected, overall it has actually been easier than I had thought.

As the boxes and boxes of baby stuff continued to overwhelm the limited space in our condo over the past month or so before Sasha was born, it dawned on us that it wasn’t going to just be the two of us plus a tiny little baby. The reality of the situation was that we had a new roommate moving in and we needed to make space for a whole person’s worth of stuff and we were going to have to get rid of and rearrange a bunch of our own stuff to make room for the baby. Cupboards were cleared, books and DVDs given away, and the craps table (around which my friends spent hours throwing dice many years ago) was converted into a crap table (AKA diaper changing station). Continue reading

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