“Fairly Legal” 60’x20′ green screen rig

All credit for this 60’x20′ green screen rig goes to Key Grip Dwight Stone. He came up with the concept and design and led the execution of the thing. He drove the gradall… while flying the 60’x20′. The rest of us on the grip crew were really mostly only there to turn some wrenches and tie some knots.

I was told that this whole getup was for the intro sequence for the TV show “Fairly Legal” but I checked out the first few episodes of the new season and as it turns out, this show doesn’t have an intro sequence. : |

UPDATE: Season 2 Episode 4 has an intro sequence!!

Videos after the break:

Here’s the intro as it appeared in the 4th episode of the 2nd season:

All that work for all of 6 seconds of final product, haha.

The following time lapse video was captured on my GoPro Hero HD2 riding on top of the green screen and Dwight’s Hero HD on his Ikea kitchen timer time lapse panning rig:


2 thoughts on ““Fairly Legal” 60’x20′ green screen rig

  1. Most green screen rental studios have connections with stages that have a lot of room space that allow for complex movement when filming and give the ability for filmmakers to film high speed motions.

    • Good to know, however this particular shoot required a few hundred feet of space in front of the screen… only the largest stages in the world could have accommodated that. Not to mention the extra lighting you would need to cover such a large space.

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