About Bryan

My name is Bryan Hong.

I am from Los Angeles.

In my previous lives I’ve been an automotive writer, theatrical stage manager, web developer and professional gambler. And we haven’t even gotten to any of my hobbies yet!

I went to UC San Diego and later, LA Film School.

Today I primarily work in the film industry on low budget independent feature films, commercials and music videos as a grip and when I’m lucky, cinematographer.

I have an intensely curious personality. I hate wondering. So I have a tendency to want to try everything and explore every place and experience everything. I wanna know why. I wanna know what love is. And I want you to show me. Wait. What? lol.

I’m pretty active at my church, The English Ministry of GMl.

I consider myself a driving enthusiast and I’ve had a life-long love affair with video gaming. I’m fascinated by linguistics and just learning about how everything is connected and constantly evolves. I speak English and Spanish and a little bit of Russian. I understand Korean but I cannot speak it. Sad, I know. I love playing music. People who know me know that music is always coming out of me :)

And lately I’ve gotten really into running!

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2335525/

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