Bryan's "I Love Trista" Page

That's Trista.  Isn't she so cute? She is a little bit young for me now, but one day I will marry her! We do everything together. Here are some pictures of us in various places, doing various things!

Here she is with a bunch of our friends at Universal Studios, a couple of years ago, before they opened the Jurrassic Park ride. Trista is the one with the arrow pointing at her.

Here she is at my high school graduation, posing with Kathy, the girl who walked with me at the ceremony.

Here is our prom picture!

Here we are hanging out with our friends in Alicante, Spain.

Here she is hanging out at the Plaza de Espana in Sevilla, Spain with my friend Matt and myself.

Here she is at the cliffs near UCSD. I didn't stop to think that you wouldn't be able to see her face with the sun pointed straight at the camera, but it's still a nice picture, don't you think?

Here she is looking so happy after I bought her that Ferrari! I couldn't afford a new one, so I got her a 1985 Testarossa. She was happy anyway, as you can tell by the picture!!

Our Trip to Disneyland

Here are some photos of our little trip to Disneyland!

Trista likes to have everything with her when we travel, so she is showing off all of her stuff packed into my car! It took all day to pack it in and this is what she packs just for a two day trip!! Da da da...

Here we are. This is at King Triton's fountain thingy near the Sleeping Beauty castle.

We took this pictue in that little video booth thingy where you put in like five bucks and then it takes your picture and you can have it be put into a bunch of different backgrounds. Since we are such renegades, we decided to have this particular border.

Ms. Bryman

Here is my latest display of my unending love for Trista. It works best if you have the Flash 4 plugin. If you are using Flash 3 plugin, you will not get any sound!! But otherwise, it will still work. But I'm telling you, the sound is like 80% of it!!

Disclaimer: It seems like people take things too seriously these days so I need to put up this here disclaimer. This page is a joke. It's supposed to be funny. Trista has no interest in me and I have no interest in Trista. She has never been to Spain... or anywhere else with me. I have never given anything to Trista, certainly not my Ferrari! I just wanted to have a little fun with Photoshop, that's all!